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Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Cranial Cruciate Ligament

I read with interest a Veterinarians review of all the treatments for Cranial Cruciate injury repair that are available on the market. It was very thorough and a fair assessment of each type of treatment and its strengths and weaknesses.

The most popular surgeries are the TPLO, the TTA and the Tight Rope external augmentation. There are also many Doctors performing external augmentation surgeries using suture or fascia lata. All have the ability to address the problem of a ruptured or torn cranial cruciate ligament.

Our news, not yet published, is that there are two doctors  using ACell Vet to repair the CCL. One uses a twisted fascia lata graft injected with a suspension of Acell Vet in saline in an anatomic repair and the other uses a multi-layer custom device of ACell Vet, also anatomically. Both Drs. have done over 100 cases with excellent results. They are getting large working dogs back to their jobs. (Hunting, etc)

The exciting thing is that after histological analysis at over 13 months, there doesn't appear to be progression of osteoarthritis. True these are early findings and more work needs to be done to document the results, but ....isn't it exciting that there may be another option besides cutting the bone and rearranging the geometry of the joint?

You can view a video of this procedure on the ACell Vet website at  / Orthopedics / CCL / Video.

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